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Equitable Life of Canada

Co-op Placement - 2019

Equitable Life Insurance Company of Canada was my co-op placement for 8 months beginning in the summer of 2019. 

During this placement, I discovered my passion for working in corporate design and exploring my creativity within a preexisting set of brand guidelines. I worked on a diverse array of projects in English and French; from posters to be hung around the office right up to full campaigns for their 100th year anniversary in 2020.

100th Year Anniversary

Equitable Life celebrated their 100th anniversary in 2020. To prepare, I was able to create many of the materials required for the promotion of various events, giveaways and charity donations. This included unique branding, posters, web banners, and a microsite.

100th year poster.png
$100 poster.png

Flyers and Forms

One of my major responsibilities was editing and creating promotional material to go to both clients and advisors. This involved working closely with marketing teams from all three lines of business (Group Benefits, Individual Insurance & Savings and Retirement), as well as working with the French translation team to create bilingual content. 

LTD claims infographic_Page_1.png

Posters & Social Media

Another of my main responsibilities was to create posters for internal/employee events and posts for the companies social media. 

fitness poster_Page_1.png
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