Brand identity and business concept made in collaboration with Alyssa Garaffa, Josh Spurling, Lauren Reitsma & Julie Siery. Please check them out for all the amazing work they do!

Atmos is a business concept for a camping and outdoor supply company, modelled off of companies such as Sail and MEC. Atmos is short for "atmosphere", and has strong brand values for sustainability, a love for the outdoors and a desire for adventure. The brand uses natural elements to convey the nature of sustainability, as well as a bright orange, white and dark blue. 

The packaging all uses the Atmos orange as an accent colour, while the rest of the package is made with a Kraft paper texture. 

If Atmos' products were to be produced, Kraft paper, bamboo paper and vegetable based inks would be used to make the packages as sustainable as possible. Plastic is also completely omitted from the packages.

Read the whole case study about Atmos' sustainable packaging here:

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